Abrasion Resistance of Asphalt Concrete

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Abrasion wear of composites is one of the reasons of material failure, it is necessary to evaluate estimation methods of abrasion wear of composites. The object of research is abrasion resistance calculation for asphalt-based concretes. Method. For this study 101 asphalt samples have been prepared using Marshal compactor and tested. Grading of mixes, saturation value, Nordic abrasion value of aggregate and Prall Test abrasion value of asphalt for the samples were obtained. Based on existing methods for calculating the wear of composites, the abrasive wear of asphalt concrete was analyzed, and a principle was proposed for calculating the wear resistance of asphalt concrete based on the mixture properties and parameters of the materials. After entering the necessary coefficients, they were searched by regression analysis based on the maximization of the determination coefficient. Results. The result of the study is an equation for the abrasion resistance of asphalt concrete calculation. Coefficient of determination for this formula is 0.98. Obtained technique meets the necessary accuracy requirements for predicting the wear of asphalt concrete. It allows to increase the efficiency of designing asphalt concrete mixtures and similar asphalt-based materials.