Ethical issues as a potential factor of brand's (un)success

Technology and organization of construction

In a series of complex requirements, which are placed in front of the brand managers, should also be added the obligation to apply the principles of ethics. Without respecting ethical standards, the range of market success of the brand and the company is limited. Generally speaking, ethics includes a set of principles, norms and standards of behavior, for both individuals and groups, on the basis of which it is possible to distinguish between what good is and what is bad, or what is true and what is false. On the other hand, commercial (business) ethics sets standards according to what is good or bad in organization management. Successful international and domestic companies are aware, that in a competitive matches, business ethics increases efficiency and productivity, and it allows the growth and development of these companies and their brands. On the other hand, some companies often perform unethical activities in order to achieve bigger market success. Authors begin from the hypothesis that for modern consumers, company’s ethical activities are in direct correlation with their brand’s (un)success. Ethics is one of the, so-called, normative discipline that has a "commanding character", or in other words, it evaluates what is good and what is badand suggest what should be the right thing to do and what to avoid.