The categorization of a country house

Technology and organization of construction

There are currently no methods of justification categories of suburban housing from an investment attractiveness of land in the Leningrad region. In addition, there is no classification of cottage settlements in Russia. This article provides an explanation of the link between the category of suburban housing and investment attractiveness of the land. The objectives of the study are the analysis of factors influencing investment attractiveness of land plots in Leningrad region; analysis of the factors influencing the category of suburban housing; justification competent relationships between these data. The article suggests recommendations for choosing the category of suburban housing, depending on the investment attractiveness of the land. People choose their house in a cottage settlement in accordance with their status and needs. The status of the cottage settlement directly depends on the investment attractiveness of the land on which it is built. The original characteristics of the land cannot radically change in the process of operation, and the house in this area can be significantly upgraded and modernized, the plot is largely a determining factor in the classification of suburban housing.