Cost Efficiency of Dwelling Construction with Account of Cities Factors

Architecture and Urban planning

The process of urbanization is widely spread. New city territories are being built-up with residential buildings. These territories are located in the city center as well as on its outskirts. Therefore, developers should think about cost efficiency of the residential building construction which depends on the kind of building site. The main goal is to analyze the cost efficiency of the residential building construction in central districts of SaintPetersburg and on its outskirts. It is necessary to calculate a number of parameters characterizing the cost efficiency of the constructing such kinds of objects and take into account factors influencing on these parameters. These factors are location of construction objects in different parts of the city and, thus, different height restrictions, different average construction cost and different land acquisition cost]. After getting the results of the analysis [the conclusion will be made why the construction of residential building can be considered more appropriate in Krasnoselsky District (on the outskirts of the city) and less appropriate in Petrogradsky District (the center of the city) from the economic point of view. After all it will be possible to define economic feasibility of residential building construction in different parts of the city. This pattern will be also true for many other big cities.