Application of Optical Density in Evaluating Performance of Evolutionary Modified Perlite in Water Reclamation

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Water treatment efficiency of several filter media such as perlite, modified (silicated) perlite, zeolite, and sand were studied on wastewater. This study contains 2 distinct experiments which the first one emphasize on the modified perlite’s performance in removing turbidity which has been gone through 3 phases including low turbidity model water, mid turbidity, and high turbidity model water; the second experiment underlines the differentiation between 3 evolutionary material based on perlite which undergoes the filtration process with certain turbid model water.  It was dedicated that modified perlite removed more than 90% of turbidity and it functions better than other materials with high turbidity (more than100 NTU). The experiments have been conducted with sodium silicate perlite, normal perlite, and synthetic zeolite perlite in order to determine the optimized material which is able to be substituted with perlite in the filtration process.