Dielectric Constant of Asphalt Cocncrete Pavement

Проектирование и строительство дорог, метрополитенов, аэродромов, мостов и транспортных тоннелей

The article investigates the temporal evolution of the dielectric constant of asphalt concrete pavement. Analysis of the electrophysical properties of the pavement makes it possible to monitor its operational properties and predict the residual life. Considered the relationship of the physico-mechanical properties of the asphalt mix (asphalt pavement) with its electrophysical properties, and the behavior of the dielectric constant of the coating during its operation. As a result, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) the dielectric constant, correlating with the adhesive and cohesive properties of the material, can serve as a parameter for monitoring the condition of pavements in order to assess the residual life of the pavement; 2) modeling of the asphalt concrete road mixture using a layered capacitor allows us to describe the evolution of its dielectric constant in good agreement with the actual behavior of this parameter during operation of the road surface.