Mechanical Properties of Compressed Concrete with Confinement Mesh Reinforcement

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The study objects are compressed reinforced concrete structures with confinement mesh reinforcement. The purpose of the work is to determine the dependencies that allow the most reliable calculation of the coordinates of the vertices of a curvilinear state diagram of volumetric compressed concrete of such structures. An analysis of the known formulas for determining the strength of volumetric compressed concrete is performed. According to the results of an analytical assessment of the influence of lateral pressure from the deterrent effect of confinement reinforcement on concrete strength, the corresponding formula is proposed. It takes into account the existing unevenness of the lateral compression of the concrete core. Based on the phenomenological approach, a formula for determining the deformation at the vertex of the deformation diagram of volumetric compressed concrete is obtained. The analysis shows, that the proposed formulas represent the main factors affecting the strength and ultimate strain of concrete with confinement mesh reinforcement. Using these formulas, the main indicators of the statistical analysis of the results of the comparison of the theoretical date with the experimental results are much better than when calculated according to other known dependencies.