Dry mixes for microwave protection covering

Строительные материалы и изделия

The research aimed to create highly effective radioprotective mixtures based on graphite particles and dielectric particles of expanded pearlite for multilayer coatings with high radio absorption rates and radio reflection in the layers. The study's object was a multilayer radio-absorbing plaster coating based on graphite particles and dielectric particles of expanded pearlite. Measurements of the radio transmission coefficient and the radio reflection coefficient of a multilayer absorbing plaster coating were carried out in the frequency range from 2 to 8 GHz in an anechoic chamber Rainford EMС3. The assessment results of the radioprotective properties have confirmed the high efficiency of using dry mixtures containing fillers with electromagnetic properties. The mixtures made on an aggregate with electromagnetic properties have a high shielding capacity. Their high radio-absorbing ability distinguishes mixtures combining aggregates with electromagnetic properties and porous dielectric aggregates. Forming two-layer coatings, in which the base layer is shielding, and the top layer is absorbing, has proven effective. Two-layer coatings allow to achieve a synergistic effect, in which the coating has both high shielding and absorbing properties. Based on the developments carried out, a radioprotective plaster mixture Ceramix-T IKUR was created. The plaster mixture was successfully used in the creation of alternative measuring sites, including at the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Production Association MAYAK, Chelyabinsk region, and others.