The Onset of a Progressive Collapse During the Deconstruction of the Sports Building

Строительные конструкции, здания и сооружения

Preliminary modeling of the collapse process assesses labor intensity and work planning of buildings and structures dismantling. The standard procedures used in CAE in terms of structural analysis for progressive collapse may not be enough to simulate the fracture of unique buildings. This research aims to estimate the number of successive removed elements for the progressive collapse of the bearing structures of the sports building. The research object is a large stadium with a membrane roof. The bearing steel sagging membrane is attached to a reinforced concrete support ring. Methods. Simulation is performed by the finite element method with a quasilinear analysis. The plasticity of concrete is taken into account using a cylindrically anisotropic material. Results. It was found that progressive collapse is caused by fracture of the reinforcement on the inner side of the ring. Progressive collapse of the structure is possible when 13-21 load-bearing elements are removed. The force in the most loaded fastener exceeds 13 MN at fracture. A set of quasi-linear analyses can be used for the approximate estimation of the collapse during dismantling. The proposed modeling approach can be used when planning the dismantling of unique buildings.