Impact of Flue Gas Recirculation on the Efficiency of Hot-water Boilers

Теплоснабжение, вентиляция, кондиционирование воздуха, газоснабжение и освещение

The topicality of the work is related to the fact that the combustion processes of various fuels, such as heat production, produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. The combustion of fossil fuels produces nitrogen oxides, which are about 10 times more dangerous than carbon monoxides. There are different methods to reduce nitrogen oxides emissions and one of effective methods is flue gas recirculation. Despite efficiency, flue gas recirculation has an impact on the efficiency of the boiler.

The efficiency coefficient for the hot-water boiler was calculated with and without flue gas recirculation. The calculation with flue gas recirculation leads to a slight reduction in the efficiency factor, herewith flue gas recirculation reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides by 44,5%.