Verification of the numerical model for the convective jet flow near the side hood

Теплоснабжение, вентиляция, кондиционирование воздуха, газоснабжение и освещение

The object of research is a free convective jet located near the side hood. The aim of the study is to choose a calculation model that most adequately describes the development of a free convective jet above the definition of a heat source and a convective jet near a side hood located at a certain height above the heat source. Method. The problem is solved numerically using the Fluent software package. At the first stage, modeling of a free convective jet is proposed. For comparison, a number of problems are solved with a combination of turbulence models and near-wall functions. On the tendency to switch the flow of the convective jet at the side hood. Results. As a result of the numerical solution, the velocity and temperature distributions along the axis of the convective jet are obtained. The results are compared, calculated with the construction of theoretical data. A combination of turbulence and wall function models is chosen, which most accurately describes the flow of a convective jet near the side hood.