Performance characteristics of styrene-acrylic polymer coatings with activated dispersive filler

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The object of the study is kaolin activated in the vortex layer apparatus, which is used as a filler for styrene-acrylic paint coatings. A comparative analysis of the performance characteristics of coatings filled with original and activated kaolin has been performed. Dispersion analysis was chosen as research methods, which made it possible to establish that the processing of the filler in the apparatus of the vortex layer causes an increase in its dispersion to 6 μm. For filled paint coatings, changes in washability, water/moisture absorption, adhesive strength, and resistance to aggressive media, including model ones that simulate the process of biological corrosion, were determined. Changes as a result of exposure to liquid media were carried out by monitoring the color characteristics of the coatings and the state of their surface - microscopy. As a result, it was found that filling with activated kaolin provides an increase in the level of operational characteristics of coatings - washability by 3.5 times, water absorption by 2.5 times and adhesive strength by 1.5 times, as well as resistance to aggressive media.