Roundabouts on the same level

Проектирование и строительство дорог, метрополитенов, аэродромов, мостов и транспортных тоннелей

The object of research is the junction of highways at the same level with its further transformation into a roundabout at the same level. The purpose of this work is to analyze the design standards for roundabouts designed according to domestic and foreign methods. The choice of the type of roundabout is based on the reduced traffic intensity calculated from the results of field measurements. Method. The traffic intensity is measured at characteristic points using a video camera. The values of the current intensity are reduced to the reduced intensity of vehicles per day. Using a nomogram to determine the type of intersection, a roundabout in one level is selected. Results. By designing roundabouts, it was found that with the same initial data - two traffic lanes, the estimated speed, differences were found only in the outer diameter of the roundabout. The width of the carriageway on the ring according to the considered methods has a slight difference of 0.7 m. The alignment of the plans of the ring intersections shows their identity.