Design of bridges span structures of the combined systems with flexible inclined suspension brackets

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

Author analyzes the Network arches designing aspects in his article. It includes the analysis of the abroad experience of designing constructions of such type. Author tells about the advantages of such systems comparing with the traditional arch bridges with vertical hangers. The article contains the author’s recommendations to design network arches. Also author represents the results of his own researches of the Network arches. The researches were carried out with by the large number of the statistical analyses by using the mathematical models, based on the Finite Element Method. The article contains the practical recommendations to the main provisions of the designing the Network arches according to the loads and code rules of Russian Federation – optimal ranges of the design general parameters values – the number of hangers, angle of the inclination, the rise of the arch and its geometrical shape. This article will be useful for the civil design engineers, working in the transport infrastructure.