Submission process

Submission of the article

  1. Submission of all materials is carried out electronically through e-submission, in which the author must register.
  2. Upon registration, please, pay attention to the correct and detailed filling of all fields. Input ORCID ID.  If any of the co-authors do not have an ORCID identifier, then he needs to register himself in It is simple and fast. It is highly appreciated to mention your SCOPUS ID and other identifiers. They serve for unambiguous identification of the author and his publications and help to avoid the appearance of several profiles of one author. If there are several profiles in different databases, publications, citations, and indicators (for example, h-index) of the author may be incorrectly counted.
  3. Before submitting an article, please, make sure that it meets all the requirements of the journal. Substandard preparation of submitted materials leads to an increase in the timing of the article consideration. Articles not corresponding to the requirements for structure and content are not accepted for consideration.

Order of consideration

  1. After the article submission to the electronic editorial system, it is checked by the editor for compliance with the journal requirements. In case of their violation, the article might be sent to the author for revision or rejected. The reason for rejection can be disconformity to the main requirements, the subject of the journal, the discovery of the fact of plagiarism, or re-publication. In this case, the author is necessarily provided with a reasoned refusal in the "Discussion" field on the article page.
  2. If the article meets all requirements, the editor will appoint 2 or more scientific reviewers. Reviewing in the journal is “single-blind”, i.e. the author of the article doesn't know the reviewer's identity.
  3. The editorial staff provides reviewing of all scientific articles accepted into consideration. Peer review is carried out by invited reviewers.
  4. If you receive a negative review of the article from two reviewers, it will not be considered further.
  5. In the case of receiving only one negative review, the editor appoints an additional reviewer.
  6. Based on the results of the review the editorial board assigns the article to the current issue, then the editor notifies the author of the publication volume, DOI, and timing.
  7. The time for article consideration may be extended in case of submission of a significant number of articles.

Accompanying documents

In addition to the article, the author must submit a signed license agreement. The document can be provided after the article is accepted for publication.

Fee for publication

There is no fee for submission, consideration, peer review or publication process. All publishing expenses are covered by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. There is no embargo period.