The review of book M.R. Petrichenko and V.N. Bukhartsev “Extreme problems of filtration stream”

Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology

Book “Extreme problems of filtration stream” was published 04.08.2012 (Palmarium academic publishing, 2012 84 p., ISBN 978-3-8473-9736-6) [1]. Authors of this book are D.Sc. Petrichenko Mikhail Romanovich and D.Sc. Bukhartsev Vladimir Nikolayevich – both professors from Saint Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Hydraulic problems: construction of filtration stream’s free surface and heighting of seep’s period in a semibounded soil body and earth dams, considered in this book, were analyzed in review. Author of review recommend to make a work in the form of analysis for post-graduate students and masters of building sphere.