Autonomous power installation with complex power effective electroproviding

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

Application of natural gas for ensuring heat and electricity is actively applied in many settlements of the Russian Federation and is the most favorable resource. Networks of distribution of natural gas don't cover all volume of consumers and the question of accession to networks to become more and more sharp in view of a constant gain of again formed complexes of the housing estate remote from the cities and megalopolises, andconsequently and from network communications. Alternative of leading of network gas is the device of the autonomous (personal) gasification, capacities resumed by liquefied gas. This method involves big financial expenses which have a big payback period,occupy part of elevated and underground space of the expensive earth, and also demands attention regarding maintenance and that periodic replenishment of the tank by the liquefied gas, as private use is important, attracts the raised expenses on transportation.The technology of application of the liquefied gas for the centralized providing with energy resources of a complex of building remote from network energy resources is considered in this work, the economic-mathematical model of the first approach ofthe concept of the device of the settlement, allowing to determine the cost of received energy and equipment payback periods is offered.