Power efficiency of houses from light-gauge steel structures

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

Energy conservation is a hot topic these days, which covers and exhaustion of fossil fuel reserves, and the issues related to environmental conditions, but the main reason for a radical revision of the relationship to energy conservation in Russia is extremely high energy intensity, which makes the national economy inefficient and poses a questioned the implementation of the high GDP growth planned to 2020.In this paper, a method to solve this problem on the example of a new trend in the construction industry - energy-efficient construction, implies a development of effective technological and other measures aimed at streamlining the process of using energy resources at all stages of the construction industry. We have made it our task to a typical example of a cottage economy class with the most demanded area of 120 m2 (project "Repin") to determine the energy efficiency of its parameters in accordance with SNIP 23-02-2003 "Thermal protection of buildings" and to evaluate measures to improve the energy efficiency class.