Water supply houses with use of groundwater by example of Taldykorgan city, Almaty region, Republic of Kazakhstan

Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection

Water intaking constructions take a special place among all constructions of systems of water supply. Carrying out one of responsible tasks –uninterrupted providing with water of supplied object, water intaking constructions have to consider at the same time features and properties of used natural sources of water. For systems of economic and drinking appointment underground sources of water, as the most meeting sanitary and hygienic requirements have to be used mainly. The short description of studied object, taking into account natural geologicalresearch, structures of operating inhabited constructions and number of water consumersare presented in thisarticle. The system of a water intake of underground waters for water supply of Taldykorgan city by qualitative water is also described. The structure of implementation of giving and distribution of economic drinking water is executed in settlement and tabular indicators. The purpose of article is the description of an existing water intake of underground waters, and also calculation a necessary amount of water in the conditions of increase in the population and the city infrastructure, demanded for economic and drinking water supply and for fire-prevention actions. As a result of these calculations the volume of the tank of consumed clear water is determined.