Methodology of rationing of admissible dumps on the basis of geoinformation modeling system

Ecological safety of construction

In article approach to rationing of anthropogenousload of water objects with application of the modeling program GIMS-river complex is described. The algorithm considers perfection of used technologies in the main production and treatment facilities. The technology is estimated on a number of criteria oncompliance of the best available technology (BAT). Loading rationing from all water users of the considered natural and territorial complex (NTC) consists in observance of standards of quality of water in water objects. As hardware in work the program GIMS-river complex is described. The complex includes three blocks: information (database), geoinformation (a set of digital layers with attributive information) and modeling (a set of models for calculation of loading and establishment of standards). The offered technique and the software product are approved on PTK "The Ladoga lake -JSC Syassky Pulp and Paper Mill. Also this complex can be used for projected and being stood objects.