The economy of use and the impact of nanoparticles on properties of lightweight high-strength concrete

Building Materials

An impact of various additives (mostly nanoscale) on the properties of concrete is analizedin this article. Some properties are described in detail, such as: strength, density, permeability, ductility and freeze-thaw durability, water absorption, fire resistance. Nanomodified supplements could cardinally change all this properties. Some additives are considered: nanoscale particles, microsilica, nanosilica, magnesium nanoshpinel, sol-gel, MB-01, microspheres, rice hull ash, and metakaolin, multiwall carbon nanotubes and astralenes, ferric hydroxide sol, combined modification on the basis of ferric hydroxide sol and hydrated silica sol. Nanomodified supplements are considered quiet expensive and sometimes are not useful economic. Despite of this due to smart using of unique properties of light-weight nanoconcrete especially law density with high strength it is possible to reduct cost price of the construction several times.