Smart Buildings Using IoT Technologies

Technology and organization of construction

The need for remotely accessible data and information/knowledge about technical performance of buildings, at any time, from any place, regardless the type of parameters, together with the need of complete remote control will lead to the development of “Internet of Things” (IoT) for buildings. “Intelligent Buildings” (IB) are envisaged by this technology in order to optimize their performances over the life-cycle. A solution regarding to the architecture of an IoT network for IB and an experimental testing bench for one of the first steps leading towards implementing the IoT for integrating components and subsystems of IB and networks of IB is briefly introduced in this paper. An overview about IB and future trends in this sector is introduced in the first part of the paper. Current developments on IoT are further highlighted. A generic architecture of IoT and the way it could be implemented into intelligent building systems are afterwards presented. Implementation and testing of the solution for connectivity between a distributed network of smart components of IB and an Android compatible monitoring device covers the next part of the paper. Tests have shown that the proposed concept is functional. Paper ends with conclusions, as well as with the roadmap for concept implementation.