Concrete with the lowered shrinkage and creep

Building Materials

The properties of monolithic structures concrete that determine its fracture durability take on special significance in high-rise building. This paper presents the results of designing the concrete with the specified limit values of shrinkage and creep deformation. Achieving the desired properties and the selection was carried out using concrete active mineral admixtures (fly ash, silica fume, metakaolinite), SNF - superplasticizer and anti-shrinkage additives Estrifan Additive RCL. Application of anti-shrinkage additives allowed reducing air shrinkage by 29%. In addition, it was found that the anti-shrinkage additive Estrifan Additive RCL dramatically reduces heat cement. This is consistent with the decrease in strength caused by the additive, however, a decrease in strength by only 6-7 %, and while heat is reduced by about 30 %. Performance of stringent requirements to concrete creep has been achieved by the introduction of mineral fillers - fly ash and silica fume. Shrinkage and creep deformation are reduced when content of powdered mineral fillers is increased.