Scheduling of construction of a complex of objects taking into account features of software

Technology and organization of construction

Nowadays in Saint-Petersburg the method of building of the territory by construction complexes is very common. In modern conditions project engineers have to use the modern methods of scheduling for getting the greatest advantage. Also the important question in this type of building is a long-range planning especially the optimization the priority of construction. Therefore it is necessary to have tools which could solve the problems arising at participants of the project. The purpose of the research is to examine the approaches to scheduling of building complex of objects and also to study the software project management. Scheduling is the foundation for management in a many industries. In the investment and construction project scheduling solves different problems, according to a project stage. The study showed the tasks of scheduling by different stage and then examined its basic functionality. The study proved that there are a many modern methods of scheduling and they give the dynamic to methodology of scheduling. Also study showed the basic software project management witch can solve common and private tasks and feature of their application. The result of the study shows that it is necessary to create an algorithms witch will solve the specialized tasks and witch also will be able to include in the integrated systems.