Technical and economic assessment on actions for heat insulation of external envelops of an individual house

Energy efficiency and thermal protection of buildings

The considerable share of power expenses in the Russian Federation is spent for heating of apartment buildings. The actions directed on reduction of losses of heat and increase of level of thermal protection of external protecting designs for increase of energy efficiency of buildings of everything demanded special attention. Until the end of the 80th years in the USSR the main attention was paid to minimization of capital expenditure and operational expenses in view of the low cost of fuel were insufficiently considered. Situation sharply changed as a result of country transition to market economy in the early nineties and significant increase in fuel prices within the country. Having realized that the share of operational costs on heating of buildings concerning a bike and the country prodigally spends the energy resources for maintenance of a demanded microclimate in buildings, acts, including the law "About Energy Saving" (1996), the law "About Protection of the Rights of the Consumer" (1996) were adopted directed on energy saving and effective use of energy, the Federal law No. 261 of Federal Law "About energy saving... ". Implementation of new requirements demanded revision of existing approach to design. In development of construction production, in increase of its efficiency the special role belongs to designers. The technical and economic level of production and increase of efficiency of capital investments considerably depend on them. It causes need toimprove design and budget business, to carry out construction according to the most progressive and economic projects; to provide in them advanced technologies, progressive constructive decisions, modern construction materials. One of the main objectives of designers consists in improvement of quality of planning, architectural and construction concepts, depreciation of construction of buildings and constructions, reduction of specific capital investments on unit of the put into operation power. In work the method of calculation of payback periods of the energy saving actions directed on increase of level of thermal protection of external protecting designs of an one-apartment house, located in the territory of the Leningrad region, with use of products heat-insulating the URSA GEO brands from glass shtapelny fiber on synthetic JSC URSA Evraziya binding production is presented. Examples of calculation of simple payback of additional warming of external walls and mansard covering of the house and the payback calculated taking into account payment of percent on a loan, growth of tariffs for energy carriers and discounting of future cash flows are given.