Deviations in assembly hinged-rod metal coating

Structural mechanics

Brief overview of previous studies and the results of the deviations and defects arising in metal structures at different stages of the life cyclearecarried outin this paper. Calculations ofaccuracy of statistical methods and analysis of resultsare performed.Possible deviationsareassembly pivotally-core cylindrical shell span of 42 m, with a boom lift of 7.5 m. Author used a computer program Computing system "Computer complex dimensionalanalysis rod structures" (VC DARS) for calculation accuracy. The article discusses the longitudinal and transverse flow diagram of cylindrical shell assembly coatings. Analysis of the results implemented on the situation nodes and rods in space relative to their design values. The developed a computer program for the author's personal computer implements the calculation of spatial dimensional chain master links with several statistical methods. The resulting calculation of the probability of deviation indicatesthe need for structural measures to ensure the collection of the coating. Designs web interface and mounting method coatings provide his collection without assembly effortproposed by the author and protected by patents. In addition, the use of the proposed solutions will increase the carrying capacity of coatings, vitality, and reduce the complexity collection assembly. Reduction of labor input assembly coatings is achieved through the "active management" build process. Obtained using VC DARS deviations can serve as a basis for evaluating the stress-strain state of coatings, taking into account deviations.