Humidity conditions of a extermal envelops with facing by a silicate brick

Building constructions, buildings and structures

The main function of walling system is to protect from environmental impact and to create favorable climate indoors. At the present time people use such tape of structures, such as: wall with silicate brick veneer, curtain wall system with a thin plaster layer and wall system with air gap as well as without it. In view of the wide spread structures with silicate brick veneer without air gap in construction, the possibility of application of these wall systems in the two largest built up cities of Russia - St. Petersburg and Moscow are determined in the article, results of heatmoist calculation for the corresponding enclosing structures are presented. Technical guidelines for normalization of humidity conditions for data structures are provided in article. The main purpose is to calculate and to develop design consideration for realization enclosing structures with silicate brick veneer without air gap. The results of the calculation show conformity of the walling system to the required energy efficiency, hygiene and comfort standards.