Maintainability waterproofing system

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

Over the past 30 years is rapidly increasing relevance of underground construction. This is due to the large growth of megacities. Thanks to the underground construction in large cities appear new parking spaces, inturn, promotes the free movement of public transport, and help reduce traffic jams. However, underground construction faces a number of difficulties, such as exposed to water on the object. Therefore, all objects that are undertheground, should provide reliable waterproofing system. But as you know, waterproofing with time is often out of order, so you have to think in advance maintainability of the system of protection against water. This issue and devoted to this article.The article considers the effect of water on objects results the information on the materials used for the repair of waterproofing systems, the methods of waterproofing and maintainability. As maintainable system was selected waterproofing on the basis of PVC membrane LOGICROOF T-SL. By comparing the cost of waterproofing and subsequent repair of the chosen model maintainable and non-repairable systems, found the most effective solution for waterproofing of the underground part of plants.