Reconstruction of the Residential District of St. Petersburg Historic Center

Monitoring and testing of buildings and structures

Today the way of life and needs of the modern person considerably differ from how it was 200-300 years ago. In this regard, the requirement arises in a reorganization of historical buildings for increase of the accommodation level of them. Besides, the condition of some houses is emergency and accommodation at them becomes even dangerous. As St. Petersburg is the city with record concentration of monuments of architecture, reconstruction of its districts requires special approach. Reconstruction represents a radical reorganization, alteration for the purpose of improvement, a complex of the organizational and technical actions directed on elimination of moral and physical depletion of buildings in general or their separate elements and systems. For the solution of an objective, it is necessary to investigate reconstruction methods, and to define the list of parameters, which are fundamental for reconstruction of the building or district. As object of research two territories were chosen: "Konyushennaya" and "Severnaya Kolomna – Novaya Hollandiya". The program on the example of the territory "Konyushennaya" and "Severnaya Kolomna - Novaya Hollandiya" will allow fulfilling complex the approach to its realization assuming simultaneous performance action on preservation historical site development, monuments and objects green planting. In addition, this program will allow fulfilling complex the approach to reconstruction, capital repairs of real estate objects, and the adaptation for modern use of cultural heritage objects. Together with it construction and reconstruction engineering infrastructures, construction of production facilities of new walking and tourist routes, decrease loads of road network of historic centre will be developed.