Soil model implemented in the software packages SCAD Office and Plaxis 3D

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The paper dwells on the definition of structures settlement and provides their comparison. The research was carried out in accordance with the normative technique realized in SP 22.13330.2011. There also were used some software complexes such as SCAD Office and Plaxis 3D to compute value of structures settlement. The report consists of the theoretical foundations of each soil models used in the research. Exactly there were used Pasternak model, the model with variables square coefficients (CROSS) which were implemented in SCAD Office and the linear elastic model, the model elastic-plastic environment (Mohr-Coulomb) implemented in Plaxis 3D. To evaluate the effect of load rate on settlement were considered four versions of loading building spans by ultimate dead load. There was also included the dead load of structures in each version. The efficiency of the results was assessed.