Assessment of efficiency of the vibration damping material «Teroson WT 129»

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The application of vibration damping material is considered to be the most effective way of vibration absorbing of the steel shells of wagons and locomotives. The study showed dissipative characteristics of material by the example of the "Teroson WT 129", which were obtained experimentally: the elastic modulus E=0,096; 0,103 MPa, the dissipation factor ŋ=0,628; ŋ=0,454 for appropriate coating thickness 3.6 mm and 6.1 mm. Based on the findings comparative analysis was made with existing vibration-absorbing mastics: characteristics of the new coating "Teroson WT 129" higher than dissipative properties of other materials. In addition, our task was to estimate the effectiveness of the new material: a reduction of the vibration level ∆N is equal to 29dB. The final result of this study was the good prospects of practical application of studied material in thin sheet metal constructions in the manufacture of vehicles, railway wagons.