Dispersion method of heating system flushing

Heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning, gas supply and lighting

Traditional methods of flushing heating systems have a number of disadvantages, so it is necessary to develop and implement new methods of treatment. The article deals with an innovative method of flushing of heating systems, developed by "Savant Research & Development". The base of technology is mechanochemical destruction of deposits, the Rehbinder effect. The method is connected with the fact that the reagent "Savant Hitamid" does not react chemically with deposits and penetrates into their structure, weakens the mechanical connection between molecules and loosens them. The base of reagent includes two acids, such as hydrochloric and citric. Unique reagent and technology are patented by the company "Savant Research & Development”. The innovative method reduces the time of working process, increases the efficiency of flushing, sanitizes the system, creates the protective hydrophobic film, does not destroy the system, being ecologically safe.