Work of wood on crumpling in a programmatic complex APM

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The objective was to research of work of wood on crumpling by the hard stamps of cruciform section through a programmatic complex APM WinMachine. With the purpose of further study of actual work of this rod it is necessary to study connections where it will work as a pin (i.e. on a bend). At the same time the main task is creation of the model imitating actual work of wood. The results obtained at the action of loading along and across the grain. The results obtained in the program complex APM are compared with the results obtained experimentally by Shvedov V.N. In the issue, we received a fairly high-quality convergence of the experimental data and data got in a calculation complex APM WinMachine. Based on a results of the calculation, we can conclude that in the program complex we were able to create a model simulating real wood work on crumpling.