Effective models of public-private partnership in municipal facilities


Russian housing facilities services are in critical condition. Modernization requires over 9 trillion rubles. Currently the state has no such funds, and according to plan from all sources during the period 2010-2020 it is planned more than 4 trillion rubles. Thus, the government needs to find other sources of funding reforms. The obvious solution is to engage the public-private partnership. However, the municipal facilities are unattractive for business for a number of reasons, described in this article. Therefore, the aim of the article is to search and analyse effective models of public-private partnerships for use in the Russian municipal facilities sector. Actuality of work is conditioned by the fact that the problem is recognized at the state level. The article studies such a financial model for attracting private investment in construction and reconstruction of infrastructure municipal facilities. The results of effective models for use in the construction and reconstruction of municipal facilities is BOLT [construction, ownership, lease, transfer] (not valid for important facilities: nuclear power plants, hydroelectric, etc.) and BOT [building, operation, transfer].