«Green» construction in Russia and other countries

Ecological safety of construction

It is considered that technical progress is a basic reason of global warming. Activities of the person lead to growth of content in the atmosphere of greenhouse gases due to the increasing combustion of fuel that is the factor of increasing temperature. Climatic anomalies provoke social cataclysms. The major task at the present stage is decrease in global risks and increase in safety of people. The effective instrument of increase in sustainability is constructions of green buildings. In this article the analytical review of a modern direction of the green construction problem in Russia and in foreign countries is executed. The basic principles of a green construction, conceptual bases of buildings with low energy consumption are considered. It is specified that green roofs and green facades are important elements of ecologically steady architecture and energy-saving construction. Problems of increase in energy efficiency in case of thermorenovation of facades are considered. The principles of rating in a green construction are indicated. The received results have important practical value. Systematization and generalization of data on a green construction allow to plan further ways of increase in energy efficiency and ecological safety of buildings and structures in case of the solution of an urgent problem of increase in sustainability in town planning and architecture.