Calculation of the reliability of the slit foundation by the criterion of the bearing capacity of the foundation soil at the stage of operation

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

There is brief information about crevice foundations, their advantages over traditional foundations. The main attention in this work is paid to crevice foundations for unique buildings and constructions. Special demands on safety of operation are presented to these buildings and constructions, that are contained in recent governmental documents and in standards. The method of foundation reliability calculations as it is one of the main carrier of the building. The calculation of foundation reliability was carried out on the criterion of load bearing capacity of the foundation for individual building or construction with limited statistic information about controlled options in calculated mathematic model of limit state on operational stage. With this statistic information probabilistic-statistical of reliability calculations, recommended with the existing standard can’t be applied. Due this foundation reliability calculations and crevice foundation residual time resource on operation stage predictions are offered.