Integrated efficiency assessment of road reconditioning

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

The paper dwells on the issues of improving traffic quality and safety; analyses domestic and foreign experience of road reconditioning by applying modern methods. It assessed the operating usefulness of modern repair methods (depending on the condition of road pavement before repair). The minimum warranty service life of pavements was established by analytic and experimental way after applying the relevant method of repair. The algorithm of operational and economic feasibility of repair work is designed and grounded on the basis of domestic and foreign methods of quality assessment of repairs. The proposed method considers not only condition of pavement before repair and cost of repairs but also effects of improving traffic quality and safety and prolonging road service life. The method also considers climatic conditions of regions that allows more reliably to predict operational efficiency of repair work. The main feature of this method is ability at a stage of substantiation of engineering and technical decisions to predict operational and economic benefits of using one or another option of roadwork and on the basis of economic-mathematical modelling to show which option will be more expedient and efficient.