Normative bases of labor costs influence on construction duration and crew forming


The paper considers the scheduling of construction of four objects using three different normative bases: Unified Norms and Prices (further – UN&P, Russia), KI “Rakennustöiden laatu RTL” (further – RATU, Finland), “Building Construction Costs with RSMeans Data” (further – RSMeans, United States of America, USA). An integrated approach to the calculation of amounts of works for each object, labour hours, the number of labours in the construction crew, allowed to reveal fundamental differences in terms of the building and its resource providing. The conducted research gives an opportunity to objectively assess the applicability of certain standards in today's construction market. According to the results of researches it was found that the smallest duration of construction is achieved by applying a normative base RSMeans (USA). The maximum duration of construction is obtained with the use of a domestic normative base. These conclusions indicate the necessity of modernization of the national normative base in building and possible integration of foreign one for the most effective scheduling of construction within the set terms and with necessary level of quality.