Wind load and its action on facade structures

Building constructions, buildings and structures

This article provides reasoned recommendations for determining the wind load on various types of facade structures (ventilated facades and architectural glazing structures) based on the analysis of special technical conditions and foreign normative documents. Several questions was asked to the existing and current in Russian Federation normative documentation: Russian Set of Rules SP 20.13330.2016 "Loads and actions" and Russian State Standard GOST R 56926-2016 "Window and balcony structures of various functional purposes for residential buildings. General technical conditions" with comments and proposals for changes to the current national standard. The analysis of the most disadvantageous effect of the peak wind load on multi-span beam systems was made in this research, based on the conditions for the first and second limit states. The article provides recommendations for the value of the maximal permissible deformations of translucent structures and hinged ventilated facades.