The pressure loss and the filtration coefficients in pipelines with grids

Water supply, sewerage, construction systems of water resources protection

A variety of grids and lattices that occur in different spheres of practical activity requires detailed study. The presence of these devices leads to additional resistance and energy losses during their flow. The paper discusses a flat plastic perforated mesh with different degree of permeability at the outlet of the pipeline. The coefficients of grid resistance were determined experimentally. The effect of grids on the total head loss were established through the presence of resistance coefficients volume method at fixed pressure: we determined the flow at the exit of the horizontal pipe of constant cross section, the end of which was mounted the investigated grid. To precise definition, the obtained values along with the experiments on the measurement of costs used a method of determination using piezometers: according to the length of the flow part were installed piezometers and the values of the coefficients of resistance were established on the basis of differential pressure. The identity of the two methods of determining the resistance coefficients is shown, in terms of flow rate and pressure drop on the grids. The effect of grids on the capacity of the pressure pipeline has been established: the replacement of the flow part does not affect to the numerical values of resistance coefficients of the grids. The dependence of the relative flow rate in the pipe on the surface porosity of the grids is obtained; this dependence gives a qualitative estimate of the reduction in the capacity of the pipe in the installation of meshes. The experimental data for constructing this dependence agree with the calculations for the approximating dependence established earlier. The transition from resistance coefficients to filtration coefficients and permeability of the pipeline with grids is suggested, because it is more convenient in practical calculations by characteristics. Graphs of the permeability coefficients dependence, related to the pipe cross-section area, and the filtration coefficients on the surface porosity of the grids are given. The proposed dependencies are linear functions of the surface porosity.