Stabilizing additives of various production for stone mastic asphalt

Engineering and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels

This article considers type of road surface as stone mastic asphalt (SMA) and the use of stabilizing additives to improve the characteristics of this pavement. The work was given the classification of existing stabilizers depending on the main constituents. The main properties, features and cost of the most common types of additives both imported and domestic were considered. A comparative analysis was carried out which led to the conclusion that Topcel is the most economical stabilizing additive in terms of consumption due to the high content of cellulose fibers. And from the economic point of view, the optimal option in the calculation of average cost of the additive per tonne of SMA can be considered the additives of the Russian production Hrizotop and Stilobit, as their value does not depend on the exchange rate and the cost of importing the goods.