Ensuring the stability of the walls of the tanks based on the rational arrangement of the stiffening rings

Building constructions, buildings and structures

In this paper, we consider the problem of ensuring the stability of the walls of vertical cylindrical tanks through the most optimal arrangement of horizontal intermediate stiffening rings. The problem of determining the position is solved on the basis of the finite element method using the LIRA-CAD 2015 R4 program. Tanks with a volume of 10000 m3, 20000 m3 and 30000 m3 were considered. By using consistent modeling of tanks with different number and step of rings, were determine the factors of stability of the tank wall. According to the obtained data, dependences of the change in the stability factor on the number and pitch of stiffening rings are plotted. The feasibility study of the boundaries of the use of stiffening rings has been carried out. As a result, expressions for rational placement of rings are obtained. The use of the obtained expressions allows to increase the factor of stability of the wall by 2-5% compared with the placement, according to the current standards. At the same time, steel consumption does not increase.