Modeling a beam column using a micropolar model

Structural mechanics

This article discusses the micropolar model, which allows to describe the nonlinear process of concrete loosening in the post-peak zone by separating the relative deformations into the plastic and linear parts, as well as from the calculation on each plane of the microplans. Such a model was used to perform various three-dimensional samples in order to demonstrate its regularization properties. Several numerical samples were investigated and compared with the results of experiments that were conducted recently. In addition, the results were compared with an extended Drucker-Prager material model. All numerical examples were modeled in the ANSYS APDL environment. After performing the calculations, results were obtained for descending and ascending loads. Variable deformations were obtained for the load down and for the load up. We also compared the load-displacement curves of the current model and previous studies (experiment and simulation with SOLID65) for the downward and upward loads, respectively. Finally, characteristic load values and maximum deflections for various modeling sources were given for the load down and for the load up.