Resource saving pile columns and slabs in top-down technology

Grounds and foundations, underground structures

The solutions for resource-saving technology for the construction of pile columns and reinforced concrete floors of multi-story underground structures using the well - known «top-down» method has discussed. The observed disadvantages and ways to improve the design of the pile-column to facilitate the cleaning of its upper, column part are shown. For this purpose, it is proposed to mount a removable polymer shell on the pipe-formwork, mainly in the form of a pipe made of vinyl plastic, which practically does not have adhesion to the concrete mixture during its hardening. Further improvement of the organizational and technological scheme for the construction of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the multi-story underground part of civil facilities using the «top-down» method consists of setting and solving the problem of installing several floors in a single assembled formwork. The problem is solved by the proposal to move the specified formwork without disassembly from the top to the next level below the projected level. A simulation of the technology and organization of work on a specific civil building with a developed multi-story underground part - Parking. As a result of the comparative efficiency assessment, the cost of constructing an underground multi-story Parking lot using improved technology was reduced by 3.4% and the total duration of work was reduced by 3.6%. This did not take into account the economic effect associated with reducing the construction time of the object.