Citrogypsum as a Raw Material for Gypsum Binder Production

Building Materials

The object of research was citrogypsum, which is a gypsum-bearing waste formed when the biochemical synthesis of citric acid. The purpose of this study was to determine the possibility of manufacturing gypsum binders based on citrogypsum by thermal treatment at ambient pressure. Methods. A comprehensive analysis of citrogypsum was carried out using standard methods and laboratory equipment. Natural gypsum stone was used as a reference sample. The quality of the citrogypsum-based binder was also investigated, and a comparative analysis of it with building and high-strength gypsum was carried out. Results. It was found that the chemical and mineral composition of citrogypsum slightly differs from natural gypsum stone. However, the high dispersity and morphology of the particles predetermine the low strength of the resulting gypsum binder. This phenomenon predetermines in the future the need to develop algorithms and methods for improving the efficiency of binders obtained by heat treatment at ambient pressure of citrogypsum.