Wood-Frame Hotel Building: Fire Curtains and Evacuation Analysis

Fire safety in construction

The object of research is the hotel building with wooden panel structures. The work aims to study the dependence of the dynamics of fire danger versus the design of a 5-story hotel with a wooden construction. Method. «Sigma PB» software package was used to make computer model of the building and for simulations (spread of fire and evacuation). Cases (scenarios) were formulated, and the spread of fire danger factors  and evacuation under fire conditions were simulated. Results. A significant influence of space design and the time of the start of evacuation on the evacuation conditions were shown. The main danger to people is smoke generated by burning combustible materials (furniture, devices, clothes) in the building during evacuation. The material of the wooden structures of the building at this stage does not pose a danger to people, the building does not lose its strength, and the escape routes do not undergo geometric changes during the evacuation period. An unfavorable scenario of non-compliance with the conditions for unhindered and timely evacuation due to smoke was considered. A use of fire curtain was simulated to limit the spread of danger fire factors. It has been shown that an EI 15 fire resistance rating is sufficient to ensure safe evacuation.