Development of environmental monitoring system of electromagnetic and infrasonic low-frequency fields in the built-up territories

Ecological safety of construction

One of stages of process of the construction organization is engineering and ecological researches, which directed to ecological safety of construction objects. Environmental monitoring is a basis for an objective assessment of a state of environment and an integral part of realization of basic provisions of engineering and ecological researches. Now the system of environmental monitoring of electromagnetic and infrasonic fields in the built-up territories is insufficiently developed. Monitoring includes research of a peak range of various sources of negative impact and is carried out by tool and settlement methods, increase of accuracy of the last needs research of the mechanism of emergence of fields. Article is devoted to the actual direction - to research of electromagnetic and infrasonic fields of the builtup territories. These negative factors aren't perceived by the main receptors of the person, and often people underestimate the danger proceeding from sources of electromagnetic and infrasonic fields therefore represent special danger. In work results of researches not only the power lines low-frequency electromagnetic fields, but also the low-studied low-frequency electromagnetic and infrasonic fields of vehicles are shown. Theoretical justification of spatial distribution of peak and power parameters is given in article infrasonic and electromagnetic fields, with the indication of the general wave (physical) processes. Research of thin structure of infrasonic and electromagnetic fields in environment will allow to solve essentially new problems of development of monitoring of this field and increase of ecological safety of the builtup territories.