The stress-strain state of frame constructions’ elements from thin-walled cores

Structural mechanics

This article provides an overview of features and problems concerning analysis of stress-strain state (SSS) in elements of thin-frame structures both open and closed sections; as well as some of the specific effects of their work (warping of the cross-section, "bi-moment" distribution of the normal stress on the cross section, etc.). Nowadays frame construction and structures of this type offer a promising direction of development of civil engineering in Russia and can be used in particular in the construction of unique civil buildings and structures.The inapplicability of the plane sections hypothesis for the analysis of thin-frame structures SSS is determined by specific examples in the article.The V.I. Slivker's half-shear theory is proposed to be used that applies a single algorithm in the calculation of thin-frame structures of open, closed and combined profiles, which is important when using the finite element method and modern information technology.