Assessment techniques of earthwork production’s efficiency

Technology and organization of construction

In the conditions of the market relations interest of the construction organizations in increase of production efficiency of earthwork and receiving the greatest profit on applied equipment increases. In modern conditions of expense for mechanization and automation of works is one of defining pricing factors. As criterion of production efficiency of earthwork the size of the specific given expenses considering at the same time cost of works and capital investments in means of mechanization and automation, as a rule, is accepted. The techniques, allowing carrying out arrangement of sets of cars on objects for increase of efficiency of mechanization and automation of earthwork taking into account complex influence of the following factors are presented in article:

− level of complexity of earthwork;
− distances between objects;
− amounts of works and terms of their performance.

On this basis the following practical problems are solved at arrangement of sets of cars on objects:

− receiving the maximum profit by the construction organization;
− management of mechanization and automation;
− receiving the maximum effect in construction.