Efficiency of use of systems of automatic control of AccuGrade in construction

Technology and organization of construction

Productivity and economic efficiency of construction works depends on that as precisely and quickly construction equipment works Earth and nivelirovochny works have to be performed in very short time therefore the success depends on the personnel and used tools. The System of Automatic Control (SAC) allow: to support working body (a dump, a mill drum, etc.) cars on a design mark in an automatic mode, to have the digital project in a car cabin that leads to increase in accuracy of works, reduction of alteration and refusal considerably from marking geodetic works. In article the analysis of economic efficiency of use of System of Automatic Control of Accugrade GPS/GLONASS (3D) is offered at earthwork for the device of a trench of laying of the sewerage. Use of Systems of Automated management of AccuGrade led to reduction of time of performance of work by 32% including due to the lack of need of performance of geodetic works. Due to the reduction of operating time of the excavator fuel consumption decreased by 28%, the volume of dredging of a material decreased by 16%, it was required a material for dumping of a banketka 60% less.